Truth About Infertility


I have been reading an article on infertility from one online health magazine and I have noted that male infertility is as common as female infertility. The article revealed that about 15% of couples are infertile and statistics have shown that one third of infertility problems are due to female […]

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Thoughts on Mammogram


Mammography is one of the medical exams that women go through primarily for the early detection of breast cancer. Because it is the x-ray of the breast, mammography can detect small lumps that may not be felt during physical examination. We have been encouraged to do breast self-examination and most […]

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Major Depression Disorder

depression disorder

I accidentally bumped into an article on major depression disorder this morning and I can’t help but think of someone I personally know who has been suffering from this kind of illness since he came back from another country. He was perfectly normal before he left as an entertainer abroad. […]

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Recovering from Sepsis

recovering from sepsis

One of our family members presently working abroad has been admitted at a hospital in UAE 3 days ago. Based from the Facebook updates posted by other family members, she’s been in the intensive care unit due to blood infection, urinary tract infection and low blood pressure. It’s just good […]

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Weight Loss Strategies To Burn More Calories

weight loss strategies

Your metabolism has three components: basal metabolism (the calories you burn to stay alive), the thermic effect of food (the calories you burn digesting food), and finally, physical activity. This includes exercise-lifting weights, playing basketball, going for a jog – but also the little physical actions you perform over the […]

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Does Running Burn Fat?

Does Running Burn Fat

Running is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to burn fat. But how does running burn fat? And how can it be made more effective? Working out should not be a random process, but systematic and organized with progress evaluated regularly. How does running burn fat by increasing […]

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Easy smoothie recipes to do with kids


I’ve become quite fond of a smoothie. And they’ve been a hit with Sam too. He loves getting involved – chopping up fruit, measuring out ingredients and, his favourite bit of course, turning the all-important dial! Many a (shouty) conversation has been had as we watch it whizzing round. We’ve kept our […]

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