What causes wrinkles? It is not all about aging!

What causes wrinkles

What causes wrinkles?  Surprisingly, it is not all about aging and poor lifestyle.  There are other factors that can lead you to fret in front of the mirror.  So before you start hating yourself once you look at your reflection, it is best to know everything you can about wrinkles.  This way, you can fight off the trouble it brings.

Wrinkles are the folds and creases that show up in the skin.  Commonly, it happens as we get older although it can happen to our skin the moment we immerse ourselves in the water for too long.  The first few wrinkles you can find on your face are due to facial expressions you’ve been wearing almost all your life.  Other important factors of what causes wrinkles include sun damage, dehydration, smoking, certain medication, and many more.

Wrinkles are also part of the natural aging process.  It is expected that our skin will become thinner and less elastic as we find an increase of candles in our birthday cake.  The skin normally experiences a decline in its ability to protect itself against damages as we grow older.  In due time, wrinkles and ugly creases on the face will form. Nevertheless, our genetic makeup is among the contributor of wrinkles.

Smoking can lead you to experience wrinkly skin.  Studies show that smoking can make the skin look older because of the reduction of blood supply on your skin.  So unless you want to look 45 when you are just in your 20’s, you better throw that cigarette away right now!

There are certain people, especially in Asian cultures, who are interested in various skin lightening products.  They have the perception that getting a skin as white as Snow White will make them beautiful.  Well, they should understand now that light skins are prone to sun damage which can accelerate the chances for wrinkles as they age.

What you wear can also dictate how wrinkly your skin will get.  Clothes are among the factors of what causes wrinkles.  Those people who have the habit of wearing hats and long sleeves experience lesser chance of developing wrinkles later in life compared to people with the same skin type but who are not fans of wearing protective clothing.

Do you know that some jobs make you prone to developing wrinkles?  Those jobs that tend to be exposed to sunlight experience a higher risk for wrinkles. Among these are the farmers, fishermen, golfers, sailors, gardeners, and tanning booth employees.  You do not have to quit your job however for the sake of not getting any wrinkles.  Just be a ware, and take precautions, like wearing some kind of skin protection.  This way, you can work without exposing your skin to damaging components.

There are truly many reasons why we can get wrinkles in our skin.  If we want to escape the pangs given by these factors of what causes wrinkles then we should think about protecting our skin.  While aging is inevitable but we can make the wrinkles that will appear on our skin to be less obvious by wearing some kind of skin protection.

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