Easy smoothie recipes to do with kids


I’ve become quite fond of a smoothie. And they’ve been a hit with Sam too. He loves getting involved – chopping up fruit, measuring out ingredients and, his favourite bit of course, turning the all-important dial! Many a (shouty) conversation has been had as we watch it whizzing round.

We’ve kept our experimenting pretty simple so far – we’ve still got lots to learn – but here are some of our favourite beginner recipes. 

Banana and Oat
This one’s my favourite – I have it most days instead of breakfast. It’s SO easy to do and it’s really filling. It’s so basic too that I always have the ingredients in – even if I haven’t been shopping!

Mango and Strawberry
Sam thinks he invented this one – I haven’t got the heart to tell him you can find it in nearly every recipe book ever written! I found this one in Smoothies by Elik Maranik. It’s not online, but I’ve detailed it further on. There are loads you can do with this one. We sometimes add in a few raspberries, we’ve swapped the water for fruit juice before, and we’ve added in natural yogurt too (Sam wasn’t keen on that – too thick he said!)

Recipe: 1 mango, 200g strawberries, 200ml water. Wash the mango and strawberries. Peel the mango and dice. Destalk the strawberries. Blend the ingredients until smooth. Voilia!

Chocolate Bananas!
As you can probably tell, we’ve got a lot of love for bananas in our house!! But this one is definitely a treat one. It goes without saying that the squirty cream and sprinkles have been a major factor in its rise to ‘top smoothie’ status!

And a couple we haven’t tried yet, but want to…

Strawberry Ice Lollies
I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to A’s favourite – ice cream – and these look perfect. I think he’ll love pouring them into the (recycled) moulds too and seeing how they come out of the freezer. Cue lots of questions about why liquids set!

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie
These look ideal for a hot summer’s day! And, with just four ingredients, you’ll probably be able to whizz them up at short notice. Now, we just need the summer to start!

We’re really keen to keep experimenting with our new ‘toy’ so, let us know your favourite blender recipes!

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