Fun Garden Activities (SOME YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE TRIED!)

fun garden activities

Over the years I’ve enjoyed lots of posts about garden fun, and Sam and I have tried and tested loads of different fun garden activities. There are some I’ve found through other bloggers (thanks to the likes of  Rock My Family) and there are some we’ve stumbled upon ourselves.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourites – a few classics and a couple you might not have thought of!

Chalk drawings
I got Sam a tub of jumbo chalks a couple of weeks ago and we’ve already had loads of fun drawing outside. Our favourite masterpieces so far have included a (very realistic) scene from The Lion King. It’s also been great for encouraging Sam to practise his letter writing too, which he isn’t usually very interested in!

Another thing we got busy chalking was hopscotch. Sam has one in his nursery playground and loves it, so he was super excited to do one in our garden. If you’re not sure how to play (I wasn’t) take a look at How to Play Hopscotch on

Get the hosepipe out
And maybe put the sprinkler on too – hours of fun! I’m going to give this DIY Water Slide a go this month too – Sam (and Daddy) will love it!

Painting Pebbles
There’s something a lot more exciting about painting stones rather than paper isn’t there? Plus, it’s a lot easier to turn a blind eye to the mess when it’s outside! If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look on Pinterest. A’s favourite is the ladybird!

Clean, clean, clean!
I’m not sure if this is normal four-year-old behaviour, but Sam absolutely loves cleaning. Granted, he usually makes a load more mess whilst he’s doing it, but he’s full of good intentions. He can often be found outside with a washing up bowl, bottle of Fairy Liquid, a few dirty (plastic) dishes and a scrubbing brush in hand. I’ve also found him giving his toys a good clean too – which is fine by me!

Toys out!
When it’s warm, there’s nothing better than taking inside out! As soon as the sun comes out, we pack up our favourite toys and head for the garden. Sam loves taking out his microphone (cue lots of shows held on the decking!) and we’ve also enjoyed some of his favourite puzzles and games al fresco, too! There’s nothing you can’t take outside, really – Sam even enjoys playing with his Paw Patrol figures in shredded paper outside!

So there are a few of our favourite fun garden activities. What are yours?

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