How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally? Smoothing Away Those Ripples To Supple Skin

Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Frustrated and depressed with this lumpy and bumpy skin that appears to be “cottage cheese” like, tried all so-called miracle potions and creams that have left your wallets empty and are you anxious to know the answer of this million dollar question how to get rid of cellulite naturally? Do not worry! The answer lies in doing simple yet effective things to make these ripples disappear.

Exercising to eliminate Cellulite

One of the major reasons of cellulite formation is the accumulation of fat in cells and exercise is the zero dollar natural method for fat reduction. This conventional method is often overlooked by people but in fact it not only helps to get rid of cellulite naturally but it also assists in attaining general health. Through exercise body replaces cellulite with muscles. Power walking, aerobics, jogging, swimming, cardio exercise, and yoga etc. can apparently boost fat reduction.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is the most effective weapon to fight this stubborn skin blemish termed as cellulite, accompanied with regular exercise. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, avoid foods with high content of saturated fats and sodium such as deep fried foods, biscuits, crisps etc., avoid sweets, processed dairy products such as whipped creams, cheese etc., organic seeds such as sunflower seeds  and include foods rich in fiber such as lentils, wheat germ, beans, kidney beans, sprouts, brown rice etc. A balanced diet includes 60% of carbohydrates, 15% of fat and 25% protein.

Tips and suggestions

  • Massaging infected areas with essential oils like juniper, sage, and rosemary can improve blood circulation and break fat deposits. Aloevera gel could be applied too.
  • Body washes could be used to scrub off the skin, to escalate blood circulation.
  • Wearing supportive panty hose pressurizes fat and guides the body to distribute fat evenly.
  • Homemade body wraps made of natural substances like coffee or sea weeds could be applied to problematic areas.
  • Maintain optimum body weight as being overweight causes fat amalgamation.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated to flush out all the toxins from the body. Water is a powerful cleanser.
  • Quit alcohol, smoking and too much of caffeine.

Regular exercise and balanced diet are the foremost ways to first reduce and then eventually diminish cellulite, but the results could be fast tracked by following above mentioned tips and suggestions. Hopefully one would find answer to her query of how to get rid of cellulite naturally without spending tons of money on those miracle products. It should be realized that commitment and patience on the part of follower is necessary to combat this battle against cellulite, as it has taken years to appear and it would not disappear with just a snap. Happy living!

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