Major Depression Disorder

depression disorder

I accidentally bumped into an article on major depression disorder this morning and I can’t help but think of someone I personally know who has been suffering from this kind of illness since he came back from another country. He was perfectly normal before he left as an entertainer abroad. Unfortunately, after only a few months he had to go back home and that was then that his family learned that he is suffering from depression disorder.

At some point in our lives we may feel sad, lonely and become a little depress but only for a short period of time which is perfectly normal. What differentiates our temporary bouts of loneliness from major depression disorder is that the latter is more than just feeling lonely but is a chronic illness that will require long-term treatment that are usually in the form of medications and psychological counseling.

It is indeed hard to suffer from this kind of illness, both to the patient and the relatives, and I have witnessed this kind of battle up close. I have seen how the patient has become dependent on antidepressant medications in order for him to function normally.

While the exact cause of depression is still unknown, it is believed that the cause of the illness could either be genetic or due to a stressful event. Though the family of this person believes that something traumatic might have happened while he was in another country, there is noting much that they can do but to make sure that he gets is regular dose of Generic effexor.

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