Does Running Burn Fat?

Does Running Burn Fat

Running is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to burn fat. But how does running burn fat? And how can it be made more effective? Working out should not be a random process, but systematic and organized with progress evaluated regularly. How does running burn fat by increasing […]

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Easy smoothie recipes to do with kids


I’ve become quite fond of a smoothie. And they’ve been a hit with Sam too. He loves getting involved – chopping up fruit, measuring out ingredients and, his favourite bit of course, turning the all-important dial! Many a (shouty) conversation has been had as we watch it whizzing round. We’ve kept our […]

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Training Sessions to Shed Off the Fat

We all know that women have a tendency to constant training sessions. However, even that’s a good thing, it’s important not to fall into a typical training sessions that might be boring. It’s common to believe that your typical training session is a safe way to lose weight but as a […]

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Most Common Health Frights

health frights

Let’s have a look at some of the three most common health frights you should be familiar with and some hints to help you stay away from them. Throat cancer related to oral sex What went wrong? We all know that oral sex can cause several illnesses (STDs) such as herpes, […]

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