Recovering from Sepsis

recovering from sepsis

One of our family members presently working abroad has been admitted at a hospital in UAE 3 days ago. Based from the Facebook updates posted by other family members, she’s been in the intensive care unit due to blood infection, urinary tract infection and low blood pressure. It’s just good that she have her husband and sister in law with her to take care of her.

When I checked the other day, I was informed by her sister in law’s husband that she was diagnosed of having Sepsis…a life-threatening medical condition normally associated with blood poisoning. I was also informed that she’s been given doses of antibiotics to fight the infection. Because of the kind of technology that we have now, our patient was able to make a few Facebook status updates using her Blackberry phone while she was at the ICU. Through our exchange of comments in her FB status, she told me that she is feeling much better now compared to the previous days and that she expects that she’ll be out of the ICU anytime soon.

As I checked last night, I learned that she was already out of the ICU and was transferred to the hospital ward. Though she’s still has to stay at the hospital for a few more days, it was still great that she’s finally out of the ICU and is expected to recover soon.

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