Thoughts on Mammogram


Mammography is one of the medical exams that women go through primarily for the early detection of breast cancer. Because it is the x-ray of the breast, mammography can detect small lumps that may not be felt during physical examination. We have been encouraged to do breast self-examination and most women do this to see if there’s any lump or other abnormalities on the breasts. However, we may not be able to feel those small lumps; hence, a mammogram exam is encouraged.

Mammography is a diagnostic imaging services being offered by most hospitals and clinics. I am not sure though if there are healthcare institutions in the country that provide mobile mammography. It would really be more convenient if there are mobile mammograms available. Local governments can even have healthcare programs that would further promote breast cancer awareness and perhaps invite healthcare institutions with mobile mammography to participate.

I have read from Healthway’s FAQ on Mammography that it is recommended for women ages 40-49 years old should have mammogram every 2 years, while those ages 50 and up should have mammogram once a year. It was also explained that normally the first mammogram should be at age 40 to create a baseline mammogram; however, some physicians recommends to have a baseline mammogram at the age 35. This being the case, I should have my mammogram anytime soon.

Does mammogram exam hurts? The pain associated with mammogram really scares me. Since the breasts will be compressed in between two plates, I can just imagine how painful it must be. However, my sister in law who has been through mammogram twice describes her experience as being uncomfortable but not painful. Oh well, that didn’t surprise since my sister in law has a high tolerance for pain.

Considering that every woman is a candidate for breast cancer plus the fact that we have a history of cancer, painful or not, I must have my mammogram soon.

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