Weight Loss Strategies To Burn More Calories

weight loss strategies

Your metabolism has three components: basal metabolism (the calories you burn to stay alive), the thermic effect of food (the calories you burn digesting food), and finally, physical activity. This includes exercise-lifting weights, playing basketball, going for a jog – but also the little physical actions you perform over the course of day. This could be walking across the parking lot, typing on your keyboard, cooking dinner, even nervously bouncing your leg as you sit at the computer. The calories you burn during such activities are called “non-exercise-activity thermogenesis.” “N.E.A.T. is the amount of energy expanded by your muscles during incidental movement,” explain Alex Koch, PhD, an exercise scientist at Truman State University.

These everyday small movements can easily add up 350 calories burned per day. In fact, “a conscious effort to spend more time on your feet might net a greater calorie burn than 30 minutes of daily exercise,” says Brandon Alderman, PhD, an assistant professor of exercise science at Rutgers University. However, N.E.A.T. is the most variable metabolic component: In overweight people, it can run as low as 15 percent of total calories burned. In leaner folks, it can exceed 50 percent!

Why the variability? Simple: We’ve made it easy to engineer activity out of our lives, with everything from remote controls, elevators, leaf blower, and even self-cleaning ovens. (And some of us take advantage of others.) Research suggests that seemingly small reductions in daily calorie burn could cause you pack on extra 10 pounds per year! If you’re already working frequently and watching what you eat, you’re your only remaining fat-blasting option is to reengineer activity into your daily life. Think of the time you’re at home, your desk, or even the groceries store as untapped weight-lose potential. Need some inspiration?

Try these 50 simple Weight Loss Strategies:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. Stand up during phone calls at work.
  3. Carry each family member’s laundry separately.
  4. Hand-wash your dishes rather than using the dishwasher
  5. Straighten up your house during TV commercials.
  6. Bathe your dog instead of taking him to a groomer.
  7. Turn up the volume on your cell phone ringer, then leave your phone in a far-off corner of the house. That way, you have to stand up and walk to it when it rings.
  8. Take a stretch break every half hour you work.
  9. Use the restroom that’s across the office (or up the floor) from your cubicle.
  10. Hide your remote. If you must watch TV, at least walk across the room to change the channel.
  11. Chop fresh veggies instead of buying frozen ones.
  12. Repaint your kitchen, hang up your portrait-complete those home-improvement tasks on your do list.
  13. Rather than yelling for family members in other rooms, walk over to talk.
  14. Wash your car in the driveway instead of paying for a car wash.
  15. Put essential items on the top of your shelf of the pantry, so you have to reach for them.
  16. Organize your closet.
  17. Plant or weed your garden, or tend to your indoor plants.
  18. When sitting, tighten your abs and tap your toes.
  19. Cook dinner instead of ordering pizza.
  20. Ask for your paper to left at the end of your driveway instead of by your front door.
  21. Walk to the mailbox instead of checking the mail from your call.
  22. Stand up while you open and read your mail.
  23. While stuck in traffic, squeeze your but muscles, then release and repeat.
  24. Swing your arms while you walk.
  25. Preset the timer on your TV to switch of after an hour. Then go do something active.
  26. Give your significant other a massage.
  27. Pop in a CD and dance while you cook dinner.
  28. Paint your nails instead of scheduling a manicure.
  29. Stand on the balls of your feet while you pump gas.
  30. Make foreplay with your partner last long.
  31. Chew a piece of gum
  32. Drink lots of water at work. You’ll have to walk to get refills and take trips to the bathroom.
  33. Make it a small water cup, so you require more frequent refills.
  34. For 15 seconds every hour, hover over your desk chair in a squatting position.
  35. Schedule walking meetings instead booking a conference room.
  36. Dust your office once a week.
  37. Stand while waiting for a table at a restaurant.
  38. Request a workstation that allows you to stand.
  39. Take advantage of casual Friday. When you’re dressed comfortably, you move around more often.
  40. Make friends with someone another floor. Visit him or her often.
  41. Get rid of your office garbage can. Walk trash to the kitchen bin instead.
  42. Park your car at the back of the lot.
  43. Bag your own groceries.
  44. Walk between stores that are close together.
  45. Sit up straight instead of slouching.
  46. Take a lap around the grocery store before you start shopping.
  47. Stand on one leg while you brush your teeth.
  48. Exit the bus or subway a few steps early, then walk the rest of the way.
  49. Stand up to style your hair and put on your makeup.
  50. When picking up your kids from school, get out the car and greet them with a hug instead of waiting in the curbside.

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